What Does It Mean To Be Truly Thankful?

T – is for thriving, not just surviving,

for reentering life with a fullness of hope.

H – is for having support from our friends,

who help us keep our perspective and cope.

A – is for accepting the people we’ve become,

and remaining open to the process of change,

N – is for never giving up, or giving in,

with our pursuit of healing for our magnificent brains.

K – is for knowing that you’ve walked through fire,

cheated death and become a Survivor,

S – is for seizures, social workers and surgery,

for spasticity and suffering,

spasms, and speech therapy,

for subdural hematomas, and subarachnoid hemorrhages,

for skull fractures and speech disorders,

and sensory perceptions,

for subacute facilities, and adult supervision,

for synergistic movements and skill remediation,

and for a 100 other labels,

we’ve come to hate in this equation.


……(Whew, “S” was a long one)……..


G – is for grieving the people we once knew,

while receiving the gift of someone anew,

I –  is for the inability to measure intelligence,

despite what assessments may claim,

and also for the uniquely created blueprint,

of every individual TBI brain.

V – is for valuing our worth not by a skill set,

but by how much we choose to love,

I – is for the ignorance of a society that knows nothing of what’s been stated above.

N – is for Neuroplasticity,

for our brain’s ability to heal and fortify,

and G – is for finding gratitude in everything,

….yes… even for our struggle with TBI.



A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 

Live on, Survivors. Live on. 




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