1. Elaine Allen

    So touching Anj … I lost my granddaughter in a horrific car accident ~ driver was drunk. I sadly know the pain these parents and grandparents and the rest of their family, those that were lost in Orlando will be going thru. I’m sad about the mental illness that was untreated that the killer obviously suffered from. I’m sad about the assault weapons we continue to allow to be sold. I’m just plan sad that there is so much sadness in the world ~ a world that is so full of joy, love, happiness and incredible people like you. Once I get my act together again I’m going to start something for grandparents cuz while there are umpteen different places for parents to grieve their loss, there is not one thing for grandparents hard as it is to believe. Like you, I know there will be a better outcome for all it is just a long struggle oft times to get there.

    Hugs and love and light, Elaine

  2. judi lamoreaux

    Anj I needed a disclaimer on that one. You moved me to tears and touched my soul so early this morning. Thank you, thank you! Now I know this is the start to a beautiful day.

  3. Linda Hall

    OMG! You always seem to put my feelings into beautiful words! You are not only a gift to Patrick but to the rest of us. Thank you so much!

  4. Veronica Jordon Sumrall

    I feel, I cry, I know, I understand. Even though I hate TBI, we would never have all been related in This family. Never stop writing. You speak for our souls.
    Thank you, Love and Light.

    • Anj Granieri

      Thank you Veronica. I don’t plan to stop writing, but it helps to not write in a vacuum. Thanks for giving me someone to speak to and reach out to through you and others like you!

  5. Anne

    I so empathize with your inability to watch violence – that some call entertainment – because it goes right to my core. I haven’t dealt with TBI, but I have a special needs adult daughter and I was an RN. That must be at the root of it. I have so much respect for the challenges that you both face so gracefully.

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