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  1. Michelle

    I love your writing. I am going to have to take your blog’S in pieces, as I am a severe TBI survivor myself. It’S not only hard to take in mentally, but physically exhausting too. I can honestly say it’S hard in another way as in makes me GLAD to have overcome what your man has and what I have. I, too, was in a wheelchair. I had to stop reading this blog. I didn’t get very far in your website. I don’t know how, nor do I want u to have to re-visit if it’S not here. Sorry, I’m not good at communicating. Anyway. I had feeding tubes and I guess tubes just everywhere coming out of me. So just thankful I am here today. It’S taken me 15 years to finally come forward and start dealing. Only problem is I am going backwards again 🙁

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