1. Sharon Szasz

    Loved this. You nailed it head on!! I wound up in the hospital for overnight with dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, headaches. They thought I was having a stroke. I didn’t but couldn’t even enjoy the ” respite ” because I kept getting phone calls what to do about this or that. My daughter did a great job of taking care of her father but it was no picnic. They sort of got an idea of what I have to handle.
    Result of tests. Negative. I realized I had inadvertently stopped taking a medication.
    But the thought of coming home and doing the laundry or dishes, things I always do, now seemed overwhelming . They helped me.
    Hope your ringworm is better.

    • Anj Granieri

      I’m glad that medication helps you deal with the stress!!! Thank you for sharing that with me.

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