1. Andi Cowherd

    I read a lot about what it’s like to be the TBI survivor, but I don’t always see a lot on what it’s like to be the caregiver. Thank you for sharing! I truly understand everything you have written. So many times I want to have a conversation with him about things, but so many times it’s like I’m afraid of “poking the bear”. Family and friends don’t understand. Especially since I am a “tell it like it is” person, and one without a filter usually. I have had to learn patience and how to keep my mouth shut. When he gets upset, he quits processing. It does absolutely no good to yell back or even say anything sometimes. I have to listen without responding (and MAN is that freaking hard). I am not always good at it. Sometimes he pushes my buttons just to get a response from me, but what he doesn’t understand is that when I respond at this point, he will just turn my words and get more frustrated making it one huge viscous cycle. By the end of this cycle I am about to explode, yet I have to remain calm and quiet… (which is the goal, but not always reality)! I didn’t mean to go off like this, guess I just needed to vent…. Thank you for your blog!! It makes me feel so not alone!!

    • It’s encouraging to read your blog. I aaywls wished that I could talk to other people that had/are going through a spouse with TBI. It’s been 13 years since my husband’s accident/injury, and although he has recovered and appears normal I still live with the TBI. Some days I forget and take it personal and I have to remind myself. There was a moment in the first year where God asked me to stay the course and if I did He would be with me and give me what I needed, including a new perspective and a better attitude (on most days). Still, there’s this wish to be understood by others walking the same road. God give you strength, one day at a time!Angi NearPort Protection, Alaska

  2. So true and beautifully written Anj! I am writing about my TBI..am grateful and hopeful, but know that to be true and honest I must discuss the times of abject despair and aloneness. Your words give me courage. Thank you.

  3. It is good, no great to hear from a fellow soiurvvr!!! Eventhough we are technically not the TBI patient, we are soiurvvrs of this in my personal opinion! I do feel that the Lord had to convict me of that as well (to stay the course with him) and that he used very specific people, situations, and verses to bring mw to that point of resolve. You hit the nail on the head HE will give us perspective, ability, and whatever else we may need. That is why I started this because I feel that need as well. The need to be understood and to give that to others traveling this path.

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