1. Kim

    It still breaks me, 17 years after, to know that little had changed with regards to TBI. I am in The UK and there are many specialist centres for the brain injured but they are not funded by our health service. I will never get over how my child was discharged when his recovery still had so far to go. Nothing was followed up over the years. Not their problem any more. I am glad we gave so much of our love and time to him, his recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. I know this is because of our work. Our efforts. Our love. It will be the same for you but it’s such a long and hard and lonely journey. It’s one journey I’ve never recovered from, it’s still so painful and life changing. The power that time of his accident is so profound, I never thought it possible to be so consumed with all that TBI brings with it. Good luck and blessings to you both, you are both awsome.

    • Anj Granieri

      This is the same way it is in USA, maybe even worse. Therapy centers that specialize in TBI exist, but getting into them is torturous. I am so sorry to hear that your child was discharged the way they were. And I commend you for taking the matter into your own hands. I did the same. I had no other choice. I am so thrilled to hear he has recovered so well, no doubt because of you and your hand work! It is a long and arduous journey but one that is not without its blessings. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

  2. ibmee

    Story well told and so sadly true .
    My son is still and most likely will always be a work in progress but will only move forward as long as we keep fighting for him and guiding him. So my prayers for Jane and all the Jane’s out there .
    And for you Anj for all your hard work and caring. We need a lot more people out there like you.
    God Bless

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