1. Anj, you are a prolific writer and although you feel that songwriting may seem to take the back seat, you really are writing songs: songs of struggle, songs of hope, songs of goodness. Have you considered putting your words to music?

  2. Sherry Richey

    Anj, your writing ability is music to my ears. It’s been 8 years since my husbands stroke/TBI which has left him with right sided paralysis and aphasia. (Aphasia is an inability to comprehend and formulate language because of dysfunction in specific brain regions and can cause impairments in speech and language modalities. The four communication modalities are auditory comprehension, verbal expression, reading and writing, and functional communication). Unfortunately Jeff is affected in all area’s.

    Jeff looks normal on the outside and people think he has had a great recovery. However, his disabilities can be so frustrating and exhausting for both of us. It’s very difficult to be upbeat and positive all the time. In a way he is like a child. His speech is so limited, we have sayings that we repeat all throughout the day. He has his part, and I have mine. A few times I didn’t respond with my part and he called it to my attention until I responded.

    I go through so many emotions. I feel for him, I hurt for him, I’m happy for him, I’m sad, confused, scared, lonely, depressed, and feel guilty for having those feelings. Our life will never be the same. Communication is a huge part of a relationship. I like you was in shock for several years, reacting to what needed to be done, not having time or energy to actually process everything. I’ve been in the “processing and grieving” phase for a few years now, but can’t seem to get peace and acceptance of our new normal life. Jeff has adapted so well, has the most positive upbeat, attitude. He appreciates everything and everyone. Never complains and basically has made the best of his situation. I on the other hand am struggling to find acceptance, peace and happiness. We’re both young, I was 41 and Jeff was 48 at the time of the stroke.

    I’m happy for you and Patrick, and others that have recovered so well. But still angry with God, and at the world for what our future holds. Thank you for sharing your life the good and the bad with others desperate for words of understanding.

    • Anj Granieri

      I’m so sorry to hear this. So sorry for your pain and struggle. Patrick has recovered well, but I also keep his deficits and struggles mostly private for the sake of his privacy. I do my best to put the shining stuff out there. One thing I will say is that Patrick’s emotional and behavior issues are the most pressing and severe. Good luck to you staying the course and finding peace

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