1. Abby

    WOW, thank you Patrick!! Very insightful and matches a lot to my own experience, especially with Western medicine. I was put on epilepsy medication and antidepressants quite needlessly about 6 months after my TBI (right frontal and temporal lobes) – what I was actually experiencing was constant, acute overstimulation, and massive anxiety, that all manifested with seizure-like symptoms (I would be conscious and in some ways mentally alert and aware, but collapsing, flailing around and unable to really control my behaviour – this looked like a ‘complex partial seizure’ to the untrained eye, or in truth the Idiotic-Doctor-Who-Doesn’t-Really-Want-To-Look-Deeper). The pharmaceutical medication did more harm than good, spinning me out/separating me from my body and mind further than I already was. I found medicinal cannabis was the only thing that really helped me for a long time. It was the only thing that would just ‘lift’ the difficulty I was physically experiencing in my brain, almost like a parting of curtains for a short while when I would smoke. I wish I had lived in a country where CBD was available, as smoking is not good for your lungs no matter what substance it is! It’s just a crime that CBD is not available in so many places. Also, I found therapy cats to be an absolutely soul-healing connection during that difficult time. I am now coming up on 5 years post-TBI (my anniversary is in 2 days in fact), I still deal with neurogenic cognitive fatigue most days and the emotional impact this entire life change has had on me, but all in all things are looking up… thanks to the remarkable ability of the brain to heal itself. When I was 27 months in, I thought there was no way anything would ever change, or that I could ever get better. Keep fighting my friend, you are a warrior!! And Anj too!! 🙂
    Thanks for writing! My favourite bit: “The bottom line is to trust only yourself, and forget what Dr. Whoever-The-Fuck tells you”

    • Anj Granieri

      UGH that is so awful to hear!!! Patrick is also on two anti-convulsants at high doses and we are trying to wean him down to see what, if any of it is necessary. He has had two seizures but both were provoked, and we aren’t sure if the reason he has had them were because of such a rapid withdrawal of meds ( for EEG ) etc, which caused the body to go into shock. In any case, I’m glad to hear that cannibis is helping you. Patrick does not smoke marijuana or use the pyshcoative THC in his medical regime, only the CBD which does not get you intoxicated but has many medical healing properties. I am so inspired to hear your story and congratulations on 5 years post! So you continued to see progress over the years? I hope this is true for my Patrick – 5 years is a long time and we’ll be in our mid 30’s! 🙂

  2. Rachel

    This is absolutely incredible. Patrick, you write better than many college graduates!! I love, “Healing comes from the soul of anything.” That & love heals!! Thank you!!! DON’T EVER STOP WRITING!!!

    • Anj Granieri

      Thank you Rachel!!! Patrick was actually an aspiring writer before his accident, looking to be published and writing a novel. He had written many short stories as well, poetry etc. I am very excited that he is writing again, as my dream for this blog was for us to co-author it, which to my knowledge is the only blog of its kind out there! Thanks for the support <3

  3. my mother rentcely passed away from liver cancer and was in a great deal of . in her last week she asked me to get her a little marijuana, i of course obliged since i am not so cruel to begrudge a little herb. she was able to sleep and not suffer as much from the side effects of the medication(s) that are associated. it is a real shame that anyone could be begrudged or jailed for something that makes the lives of suffering people easier.

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