Anj & Patrick: A Story of Love, Tragedy and Rebirth

My name is Anj, and I’m a singer/songwriter living in Atlantic City, NJ. On November 8th, 2013, my boyfriend and bandmate, Patrick (who I met at just 16 years old), was struck by a car and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Learn more about our journey to recovery, and how you can help Patrick fulfill his dream of making music with me once again.

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Perspectives on TBI

 Follow our journey by checking out our blog showing TBI from the perspective of both caregiver and survivor.


May your hope, like your Christmas tree, be always evergreen.

I didn’t write a Christmas list this year. Sufficed to say, anything I could want for myself or my loved ones, or even the world at large, could never be boxed or wrapped or bowed. Still, I find myself wishing sometimes, that I could wake up Christmas morning and find those hopes and dreams beneath … [Read more…]


Bilingual love: Caregivers & Survivors of TBI speak different languages.

Living with a lover who has a TBI, is like being in a relationship where you don’t share the same language. Imagine if you will, dating someone who spoke French. You speak English. Perhaps you can both speak a little of the other’s native language, but not well enough to be fluid. So while on a … [Read more…]




Patrick Sheeran Jr. is a writer, composer, artist and musician. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied composition and production. Years later, in February 2013, he co-produced, arranged and played on Anj’s 3rd record, “The Giant Unquiet”. He’s written many short stories, with two of them published in online magazines, and was working on a novel during the year leading up his accident. On November 8th, 2013, he was struck by a car while walking in Del Ray Beach, Florida. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, diffuse axonal injury, bruises to the brain, an acute brain bleed, a shattered knee and leg, and a post traumatic stroke. He remained in a coma for 10 days. For the past two years, he’s worked vigorously on his recovery and is committed 100% to therapy and getting back to his life. He is relearning the drums, and dreams of writing and performing music with Anj in the future. He is also an advocate for clean and sober living, and dedicated to informing others about the dangers of substance abuse, as well as illuminating the need for understanding and compassion towards anyone suffering from childhood abuse, as well as depression, anxiety, personality/mood disorders, or any other form of mental illness.



Anj Granieri is a singer/songwriter , pianist, poet, actress, playwright, and composer. She has released three albums of original music,  “The Giant Unquiet” (2014) “When Grey Blushes” (2007) and “Coin and a Half Girls” (2004), and has toured both the east and west coasts. Her hit song, “Former Stranger” was featured on an independent release alongside Amy Winehouse (released in Europe/South Korea). She’s won several songwriting competitions such as the “Rising Star” Open Mic at the World Cafe in Philadelphia, the John Legend“Be Legendary” Contest, the “Independent World Music Series” Contest, (finalist) and the “VH1 Song of the Year” Contest (finalist). In 2007, Anj was also signed as a composer to a national music-licensing company, and has had her music featured on the CW Network, as well as TV shows such as “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Dr. Oz”. In 2010, Anj produced and starred in a one-woman-play entitled, “Casual World/Intimate Heart”as part of the Annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Today, as a caregiver, she is exploring other artistic avenues that she can sink her teeth into while being in her home town of Atlantic City, NJ. However, she hopes to return to the music world soon, and tour once again with  Patrick at her side.